Stunt Team De Beukelaer

Stunt Team de Beukelaer is the most reputable stunt team in the Benelux (Belgium, The Netherlands & Luxembourg). It was founded in 1956 and has performed stunts for hundreds of national and international film, T.V and commercial productions. The stunt team was always led by Hammy de Beukelaer and still bears his name. Hammy is now retired and living in Spain. Since 1994, the company has been managed by Willem de Beukelaer. Willem learned the trade from his father and grew up with the national and international film industry. He himself actively performed stunts for 16 years in all areas of the business. Meanwhile the stunt team consists of several professionals who control all disciplines flawlessly. Together with these professionals, lead by Willem de Beukelaer and Marco Maas, we may be responsible for 85% of all stunts in the Benelux.

Showreel Stunt Team Hammy de Beukelaer

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